Product Development

TJM Electronics offers innovative electronic product design, development, and prototyping services right here in the USA. From electronics engineering, to custom industrial and mechanical components design, we have the skills, resources, and knowledge to transform your concepts into reality.

Our strategic and synergistic partnerships allow our customers to receive turnkey solutions from true experts in their fields, with one point of contact for project management.

We develop electronic products in the aerospace and defense, medical, industrial, LED Lighting and non-commodity consumer electronic products markets. Our services are tailored to the requirements of your electronic products, starting from the idea phase to final production. Our goal is to make the process as seamless as possible.

Combining our in-house capabilities and our extensively qualified partners, we are able to perform New Product Introduction (NPI) by encompassing all activities from the initial idea, design, development, and production.

Product Development Process

Phase 1

Phase 1

Idea Consultation

We begin our development process with a consultation to get a full and thorough understanding of your needs and overall objective.

Phase 2

Phase 2


Then we research the design requirements and create a PRD (Product Requirements Document), which identifies the technical specifications, and highlights price targets. 

Phase 3

Phase 3


At this phase, our engineers begin to design your product to be functional and useable, while working with our partners to take care of the industrial and mechanical design.

Phase 4

Phase 4


Once the design is finalized and complete, we create an accurate and functional prototype of your design for thorough evaluation. 

Product Development Services

Electronics Engineering

TJM Electronics offers a full range of in house custom electronics design services and manufacturing solutions, including analog design, digital design, RF, and multilayer PCB design. We develop a plan based on a thorough analysis of project requirements, capacity, and cost.

Industrial & Mechanical Design and Prototyping

TJM Electronics partners with the best in the industry to provide turnkey product development solutions. Your industrial and mechanical design needs, along with prototyping services, will be managed with one point of contact through TJM Electronics.