Markets Served

Aerospace / Defense

Since 1989, TJM Electronics has delivered CCAs for avionics and defense electronics. TJM Electronics has supported various missile and avionics programs.

Low Energy Bluetooth (Bluetooth Smart) / IoT (Internet of Things)

We manufacture blue tooth modules and assist with the integration of Bluetooth Standard and Bluetooth Low Energy modules used in novel applications such as healthcare, fitness, home security, and the entertainment industries.  We work with our customer through the product development phase into DFM (design for manufacturing) and on to production quantities. After completion of the circuit card assembly we perform programming, functional tests and integrate the circuit card into its product packaging.

Medical Devices

TJM Electronics offers medical device manufacturing experienced with state of the art sensor technology, cutting edge electronics manufacturing processes and test. The final device assembly, test and packaging is performed in our Class 10000 clean room.

Industrial Controls

TJM Electronics provides electronic manufacturing services for critical applications including downhole, commercial sonar and other demanding environments.


Process controls with best of breed equipment allows TJM Electronics to deliver the most complex assemblies with speed and reliability.

Green Energy/SSL

TJM Electronics has positioned their facilities to be ready for the Green energy and SSL industries. They understand the manufacturing process and requirements to allow their clients full comparability combined with quality services.