A “Strategic Partnership” approach to contract manufacturing

A “Strategic Partnership” approach to contract manufacturing  in an era where new innovation and product life cycles in electronics will change often  is becoming increasingly more important for the contract manufacturer. Be in sync with the customer’s total product strategy to bring products from concept to market on-time while  meeting and controlling defined cost objectives. .  Companies looking to re-shore manufacturing to the U.S. and compete in the highly competitive IoT world will need to be intimately focused on establishing and meeting cost objectives at every stage. Costs on every aspect of the procurement and manufacturing process will need to be communicated, understood and controlled through  strategic planning and exchange of information between the OEM and the CMS together, as partners. Meeting both the current requirements (a functional prototype) while considering long term product cost objectives (to establish and maintain cost effectiveness) will require what I refer to as an on-going “Strategic Manufacturing Partnership”.puzzel-tjm I would define this as having both the short term basic objectives of a purchase order (product built on-time and conforms to specifications) combined with an on-going strategy for design and process improvement, supply chain management, revision control and a relentless pursuit of lean, optimized manufacturing for highest yield and profit.It is an opportunity for our customer to come on our floor, work closely with the manufacturer to establish standards, identify and address any impedance to manufacturing in the design that will negatively impact the bottom line. Stay connected with my upcoming blogs in the Strategic Partnership series. Each will expand on these three elements, an overview and past experiences –  Standardization, Continuous Improvement and DFM, Product Packaging and Distribution.

TJM has been immersed in the product development business for the past 20 years, this type of work requires a lot of schedule flexibility, a lot versatility, and effective, real-time communication with the customer.  This “partnership level” of customer service, communication and manufacturing expertise are at the core of who we are and it’s what we’ve been best at for over 20 years. The Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor technologies will bring a requirement for rapid design and build of new product. Flexible scheduling and response to short term demands will be required. Re-invention of existing product in its most cost-effective form will require standardization, a manufacturing partner that’s nimble, accurate, and a relentless contributor to product and process improvement.