Our Team, Our Culture….Our #1 Asset

I know it may sound like sales fluff when I tell prospective customers I’m working with the most talented and dedicated team I have ever worked with. Truth is, if I didn’t think my team’s talent and dedication played the largest role in delivering high quality product, I wouldn’t mention it right up front. TJM’s current workforce is not just more technically advanced, but operate under a much leaner, goals driven culture.

Like many small businesses over the past several years, our company was faced with the task of reducing its workforce yet maintaining throughput and quality. We identified the unique skillsets of each employee, identified the ones that care and get along well with the rest of the team. It was also important to identify which employees had the skill and capacity to take on new roles and which would contribute to improving process efficiencies? Expectations were about to increase, possibly double, can this person handle that pressure? After three years of training, the result is a loyal, dedicated workforce and an entirely new culture at TJM. I can tell you we would not be able to survive in this type of business today if we did not truly have an “all-star” team of employees dedicated to the common goals of improving efficiency and maintaining high quality.

The employees working today at TJM have been through a very selective process. They not only have a versatile skillset, each have been through very demanding delivery circumstances. Each employee has contributed to helping improve the system. Over the past four years TJM has reduced its workforce by 32% yet has been able to increase productivity by 20%. Quality metrics across the board have also improved for every key process indicator. As a director of our operation I am happy to say we’ve not only adapted to the times but have established a new benchmark for the future.

No piece of equipment, quality system or proprietary process is bigger or more important than the people who use them. I’m very proud to say our employees are the best of the best at what they do and are our #1 Asset.  In any sales introduction you’ll likely hear me mention our team.