Supplier Collaboration – Consider the Advantages

If I were to define supplier collaboration as a contract manufacturer and how it relates to our business model it would be the following:  To operate as seamlessly with our customer as possible, as if we were an extension of their organization. To accept and adopt the practices that make them efficient and successful and to have them be receptive to the practices that make us efficient and successful. This concept does work well with  smaller, commercial customers. We have customers that we have gotten into a groove with, that we have synchronicity. We crank out new designs, quickly and accurately. Collaboration with some larger companies is a bit more difficult as they have a very defined protocols and can not move as quickly. We do what we can on our end to make their job easier.

These are a few of the forms of collaboration TJM currently engages with their customer.

  • Pre-build meetings, a review of the build and schedule requirements, and an introduction of the contacts/personnel involved.
  • Real-time project status updates – Customer is invited into our project management system. Daily, weekly updates by emails can be set up and phone calls any time of day are always welcomed.
  • Consigned Parts and Material Management – We will manage your inventory, pull parts and build kits, adjust and report your inventory accordingly.
  • Perform in-coming inspection on build to -print items that are drop shipped.
  • Post build reports – visit our previous blog Understanding the value of Post-build reporting.

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